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Are you wondering about the missing sad status in English ? Then you landed in the right place. It’s human nature to think about old days in loneliness. At that moment, you badly miss the person who was the apple of your eyes or dear to your heart.

You miss that person who’s now nowhere in your life, and you want them back in your life badly, but you cannot describe it in words, so missing sad status in English can help you convey your message to your loved ones. 

Death is certain, and sometimes you may lose someone in the condition of death. At this stage, you wish that the missing person would come back into your life and fill it with happiness and color.

But in vain, neither that missing person comes back, nor does your waiting stop. You feel broken, and you are not even able to describe your feelings to others.  You can have a look at a huge collection of “waiting and missing sad status in English” provided below:

Missing Sad Status In English:

missing Sad Status In English

  • Missing you is an unnecessary thing I do daily.

  • I cannot explain how I miss you; my breath stops, and my heart beats for you.

  • I miss the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you smile at me.

  • You were the only one who could make my heart understand how to work without you.

  • I remember that you promised me never to leave me alone ever. Where have you gone now?

  • Did you know what is the saddest moment in life is? The person who was with you is missing right now.

  • I cannot escape from the memories of you.

  • The most heartbreaking moment is when you miss someone who does not even think about you.

  • Why is it like that? Why am I the only one missing you?

  • I miss you, and your memories can’t let me sleep.

  • It’s so difficult to forget you; it’s so hard not to miss you.

  • I miss how we talked for hours, and I miss how I adored discussing even a single little matter of my life with you.

  • You are not around, but you will always be in my prayers.

  • I am too stupid to miss you, and you’re too busy even to remember me.

  • Sometimes I feel stupid for missing you all the time.

  • I don’t want to text you, but your memories go against my will.

  • I miss our old conversations, talks when we used to share everything.

  • There is no medicine out there that will stop me from missing you.

  • I miss you, and I don’t need your permission to do so!

Waiting, Sad Status In English:

Do you want to know the most important part of any relationship? What makes the difference between a good relationship and a great one? The answer is patience and waiting. It’s a common problem: you’re in love with someone, but they don’t feel the same way. You can have a look at mom sad status in English.

This post will share some of the best tips for waiting for true love and patience, which can help you attract someone worth waiting for. Please take a look below for the awesome waiting sad status in English.

missing Sad Status In English

  • I know you will never come back, but still, I am waiting for you.

  • Waiting for you is a necessary thing I do all the time.

  • Why is it like that? Why do I miss and wait for you daily?

  • Do you wait for me as I do?

  • I am waiting for the day when you will confess your feelings to me.

  • You left me, but why am I still waiting for you?

  • Waiting is the most difficult aspect of life. The greatest pleasure of life is having somebody worth waiting for.

  • I pretend to be moving on, but I am still waiting for you in depth.

  • Did you know? I am waiting for your text right now.

  • You broke up with me, but still, I am waiting for you to come and confess.

  • Waiting for someone is a painful nightmare that you neither stop nor complain about.

  • I will wait for you like stars need moonlight to shine.

  • Waiting for someone is more painful than death.

  • In death, you will die once, but in waiting, you die daily.

  • I am waiting for the day when you will be mine. Then I will tell you how much I adored you and waited for you.

  • I want you like blood in the veins, and I wait for you like a heartbeat.

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