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50+ Top Best Friend, Dosti Sad Status About Friendship In English 2022

If you are looking for a sad status about friendship, you have landed in the right place. Friends are pearls and a gift from God. The whole world can turn their eyes on you, but your best friend can never do this.

We have a vast collection of the best sad status about friendship in English that you will never find anywhere else. 

We do not deliver status but emotions, feelings, and pain through our words, which will match exactly your inner feelings. Let’s have a look at the sad status about friendship below.

Sad Status About Friendship In English:

  • It is ok not to have a friend rather than a fake one. 

Sad Status About friendship

  • A true friend will never break a friendship with you after hearing about your bad doings.
  • Friends always know the reason behind your actions.
  • It isn’t easy to see your best friend with someone else.
  • When everyone hates you, only your friend will be by your side.
  • Your lover may leave you, but your best friend still stays.
  • Sometimes love does break your heart. Sometimes friendship also gets your heartbreak.
  • It hurts when you tell your friend everything, but he does the opposite.
  • Dear friend, It hurts to be a stranger again.

Best Friend Sad Status 2022:

After your mother, there is a best friend who can emotionally and unconditionally support and love you. Your best friend will stay with you no matter how bad the times get.

Sometimes, friendship can also cause you pain, so you can choose the best friend’s sad status in English whenever you feel down and feel like losing a friend. You can also look for the sad status caption in English.

  • It’s sad when a person who used to know everything about you now has no idea what is going on in your life.
  • Do you want to know what hurts the most? When your friend replaces you with another friend,
  • It’s sad to see your friendship end and you helpless to keep up with it anymore.
  • Everyone once had a best friend who has become a stranger now.
  • Some friendships end because “he/she never texted me first.”
  • In friendship, there are no rules to excuse each other.
  • The friends who left you in your bad times are scum.
  • They hurt you first, and then they pretended to hurt you. Isn’t that pretty funny?
  • A best friend’s silence hurts more than an enemy’s hateful words.
  • Dear best friend, I hate the sadness on your face. Please share your tensions with me and be relaxed.
  • A best friend will find hundreds of ways to bring a smile to your face.
  • No matter how sad you are, you will smile when you see your friends.
  • It’s heart-broken to see your best friend making friendships with anyone else.
  • Isn’t it the saddest moment? When you are broken and your friend can’t figure it out,
  • It is cool when two strangers form a friendship, but it is sad when two buddies become strangers.
  • No matter how many friends you have, you have to be alone in the end.
  • I am missing the old times when we used to care for each other.
  • You cannot be a good friend in everyone’s dictionary.
  • I have been bitten by my best friends over and over again. Now I don’t trust anyone.
  • A friend is someone you can share your happiness with, but you can share your sorrows with a best friend.
  • I didn’t make friends because I couldn’t hold on to them for a long period of time.
  • A best friend never gets fed up with you.
  • Best friendship is when you lie to your friend, and he figures out the truth by looking at your face.

Dosti Sad Status:

Dosti is an Urdu and Hindi word that means “friendship.” Let’s have a look at Dosti’s sad status in English below:

  • In true Dosti (friendship), you don’t need to think before speaking.
  • Dost (friends) are not just my friends; they are my world.
  • In Dosti (friendship), there is no sorry, no thanks.
  • Your Dost (friend) should be one who can understand your unsaid words.
  • I have heard that dost (friends) can give their lives for friends, but my friends don’t even give their time.
  • A bad dost (friend), book, path, or way of thinking can lead you to the wrong destination.
  • A dost’s (friend’s) anger is better than a foolish lover. 
  • Dosti (friendship) is common, but a true friend is rare.
  • Your ex-friend can hurt you very badly because he knows your secrets.
  • Sometimes, a dost can also cause your heart to break.
  • Whoever does a backbite can never be your dost (friend).

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