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The sad status about life in English is for those who are surprised with their life. Life is totally unpredictable. In one moment, it brings happiness, joy, and celebration; in the other moment, it brings sorrow, depression, and sadness. So, in these moments, you can use our sad statuses to thrust your sadness and depression out.

Sad status about life in English will help you to get rid of your inner sadness. We shared some statuses, and we are hopeful you will like them. Let’s have a look below.

Sad Status About Life In English:

As much as we wish to be or become successful, there comes a time when we feel very low in our lives. Sometimes it feels like hollow and deep emptiness inside. You feel lonely in a group, even if you have hundreds of friends. You find no one to share your biggest misery and fear of life with. For more unique statuses you can check alone sad status in English.

Sad Status About Life In English

  • Life is cruel, even crueler than death.
  • Death is so harrowingly certain, but life is full of possibilities.
  • Life is precious; do not waste it on crying about what wasn’t yours.
  • No one kills, but loneliness in life does.
  • I don’t know anything else, but my life is incomplete, and I am miserable without you.
  • Wanting you was the worst mistake of my life.
  • On some paths of life, you only want to die.
  • One of the tragic things about life is when someone you once knew becomes a memory.
  • Seeing your entire world fall and doing nothing about it is the saddest moment in your life.

Life, Depression, Sad Status In English:

  • No one dies with a dead body. Life does not stop for anyone.
  • People come and go, and life does not stop for anyone.
  • At some stage, you have to understand that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.
  • The sad truth of life is that nobody is 100% happy.
  • Fantasies are charming, but real life is boring and dramatic.
  • I have loved you all my life, and you left me.
  • I am so sad and disappointed, and I wish I could restart my life again.
  • If I got 100 lives, I would have loved you 100 more times.
  • Life is a painful journey that never ends.
  • Life opens up like this: you can’t live, but you have to live.
  • It may be wonderful to read history books or books about life, but it may not be delicious when you have to live it.
  • Sharing your life’s sorrows with others won’t change what you are going through.

Zindagi Sad Status:

“Zindagi” is an Urdu language word. Its meaning is life. Many users love to search for “Zindagi Sad Status”, so this section will present a vast collection of sad statuses about zindagi you will never find anywhere else. 

Sad Status About Life In English

  • Whenever you start to think everything will be okay, life comes with new surprises.
  • If you want to live, death is doomsday, and if you’re going to die, then life is resurrection.
  • I have heard that life tests, but the exams took life here.
  • Life’s tragedy isn’t that it ends too quickly, but that we learn to enjoy it too late.
  • There is so much in life; we keep looking at what we didn’t get.
  • The love of life creates fear of death, and love of purpose liberates from the fear of death.
  • A man receives half his life’s grief by expecting too much from others.
  • This short journey is called life, starting with sobs and ending up with hiccups.
  • There Will Never Be an Easy Life. However, I never expected it to be so challenging.
  • Caring too much can cause emptiness in your life.
  • Love is the story of the faithful and the trivialities of the unfaithful (Bano Qudssia)
  • We will die, even though we are the most beautiful, the richest, the smartest, and the best in life. ( Minto)
  • Life sucks when you find no other way to go on.
  • I learned one thing in my life: do not care too much.
  • When you feel everything is going well, life kicks you so hard right there.
  • In life, some wounds cannot be healed so easily.
  • Life is a grave of living beings.
  • Sometimes in life, without a reason, you want to vanish from the world.
  • In life, some stages come when you feel very low, you feel like dying.

Sad Status With ShareChat:

Sharechat is an Indian chatroom with millions of daily users who share millions of statuses there. We selected some famous English Life Share Chat statuses here, so you don’t need to go to any private chat room for statuses. 

  • Sometimes it feels like life is a series of chapters. The stories of our lives are a combination of good and bad events.
  • I have three weaknesses in my life: I trust blindly, do not cheat, and care for everyone.
  • Many people are too poor to have anything else in their lives besides money.
  • Someone comes or goes, but life never stops.
  • At some point, you realize who matters in your life.
  • You can’t even imagine how life comes with those things.
  • I loved you all my life, but you didn’t care, and now I am done with you.


We provide a vast collection of  sad status about life in English and latest results about it. Some people do not know how to write sad status in English. So, you can copy any sad status related to your situation and paste it on all platforms.

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