100+ One Line, Two line Sad Status In English-2022

Two line sad status in English, for those so emotional but can’t express their feelings to anyone. This sad status in English 2 lines will be helpful to convey their message within seconds. If you’re looking for the best two line sad status in English, you have landed at the right place. 

Two Line Sad Status In English:

Sometimes people feel boredom reading long type two line sad status in English so, we have provided awesome and short two line sad status in English.

Two Line Sad Status In English

  1. Your reflection is in my heart. Your imaginations are in my eyes. How can I forget you? Your love is still in my heart.
  2. Once my own, Now you are forever gone.
  3. Silence spoke so intensely, The unspoken words took form.
  4. Everyone in life does not come as relatives or friends. Some people also come as lessons.
  5. Then there is no refuge. When love overwhelming.
  6. My fidelity was a deception. Put the dust on my fidelity.
  7. May a faithful person like you meet you. Now, this is the desire of the heart.
  8. With tears, old memories also flow
  9. Neither meeting Nor leaving, How interesting you are getting
  10. My pain was only my pain, It hurts like a hell
  11. I am missing her very intensely, Who Forgets me very easily
  12. I was terrified of my loneliness, I have bought many mirrors.

One Line Sad Status In English:

Life is so unpredictable its surprises you when you are not ready. Sometimes life hits you so badly you get broken and shattered into pieces. In these moments, finding the right words for your situation is a blessing. You can also have a peek at the sad love status in English for girlfriend download.

  • Do care and be ready to get yourself hurt.
  • Sometimes pain makes you realize how others feel.
  • Silence often breaks the relationship.
  • He lost me in his arrogance.
  • Who loves you will never leave you alone.
  • You left me and now pretending like you are innocent.
  • This heart turned like nights.
  • The broken cloud shower rain.
  • You will die every day when you love someone who never loves you.
  • I have learned how to hide my tears.
  • After hearing strangers, do not argue with your beloved ones.
  • I couldn’t forget that unloyal person.
  • Now she is someone else, and I am not even mine.
  • It can be possible I leave everyone.
  • I wanted to vanish from every place.
  • The only heart knows what it feels like to be abandoned.
  • Not every smiling face is sympathetic.
  • Which is not suitable for us. We don’t even get it by crying.   
  • Attachments are always painful.       
  • Do not humiliate anyone ever.
  • The paths of life are very difficult. 
  • You left scars that will never heal.
  • Your companionship was the shade in the burning sun.
  • Pretending to be happy hurts the most.
  • Sadness is you are missing someone who is probably not thinking about you.
  • One day you will realize how much I did adore you.

Two Line Sad Status In English

  • Why your every rude word-break my heart so badly?. 
  • We arrived at the world single. Stand the world single. So it’s good to be like that. 

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