Sad Status in English For Boy

Top Broken Quote And Sad Status In English For Boy

Sad status in English for boy is dedicated to those who hide their feelings and are afraid of getting caught sobbing. It is said boys are meant not to cry in front of anyone. They should act strong because they are men. 

But, boys get hurt more than girls, hiding this pain behind their red eyes. The one closest to them can understand the boys’ sadness and pain. So, we have shared a vast collection of sad status in English for boy. 

Sad Status in English For Boy:

When a boy get sad can easily share sad status in English for boy on social media anonymously or as they want. You will also read and love the sad status in English for girl.

Sad Status in English For Boy

  • Please, dear heart, avoid being entangled in everything. You only have to pump blood, so be concerned with it. 
  • I love to walk at night, put headphones on my ears and listen to sad music.
  • The worst experience is faking; you don’t care when all you can think about is that.
  • Trying to pretend you don’t remember your past and faking as if you’ve moved on hurts a lot.
  • People appear and vanish, but their memories stay with us forever.
  • I remember all the strange things you said even though you left them in my brain. You are constantly present and everywhere. But I desire you were here right now.
  • Every heart suffers. Only the mode of expression differs. Stupids bury it in their eyes, whereas geniuses hide it in their grin.
  • What will you do when the only person who can stop you from sobbing is the one who is causing you to cry?
  • People chose to play with “feelings” out of all the toys in the world.
  • One day you will miss all the love and importance I gave you.
  • No matter how much you do for people you love, they will replace you with someone else.
  • I consider it my mistake not to make you understand how much I adored and cherished you. 

Heart-Touching Sad Status In English For Boy:

  • My misery has turned into an addiction, and I feel lost when I’m not upset. I fear as I try to find my way back, returning to my original state.
  • When I said, “I hate you,” my heart screamed against it.
  • If I say I don’t love you, it means I love you more than everything.
  • Dear girls, if he yells at you, understand that he loves you so much.
  • Some people claim that waiting for someone is difficult. Some claim that forgetting is The most considerable suffering is not knowing whether to stay or forget.
  • Give no one a specific place in your heart. It is simple to grant that position, but it is far more painful when people are unaware of its worth.
  • I am good at loneliness, so let me stay like this.
  • Do not call out my name. Let me stay unrecognized.
  • Some wounds never bleed; they just leave you cold.
  • My attitude is another expression of my broken heart.
  • When the moon appears, my wounds start to bleed again every day.
  • I pray we never meet again if you are happy walking away.
  • You should not have come to my dreams; you do not have the right to keep me awake all night.
  • I don’t sleep at night and can’t bear to go away, even in my dreams.

Top Boy Sad Status In English:

  • Sometimes I just want to kick every rock on the road; it feels like hitting my pain going away.
  • I remember the day we split our ways; the rain and I cried together.
  • Moving away from me was very simple for you; look at me; I am still a prisoner of your memories.
  • I did not do anything wrong. I just made myself miserable.
  • They cannot even smile at the one who is fated to be cried.
  • You will cry after winning, and I will lose in that way.
  • I am now used to living without her, and now I don’t want her back.
  • I miss you every day and fall in love over and over again.
  • Loving you is like blood in the veins. If I stop, then the blood also stops circulating. Thinking of you is like breathing. If I stop, then my breath stops too. 
  • I sometimes feel so alone in this world, as if I am not a part of anything or anyone.
  • My absence is meaningless if it does not affect you.
  • The most terrible goodbyes are those that are never expressed and never acknowledged.
  • How pathetic am I? I will neither forget you nor get you.

Sad Status in English For Boy

  • I am living on a planet where money is valued over relationships.
  • Once someone ignores you, never go back to them again.


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