Top Birthday, Good Night, New Year Sad Status In English-2022

Are you looking for a new year sad status in English? You have reached the right place. The public considers the new year important as it signals a new beginning. It is not just about mollification and conclusions; it is more than what meets the eye. The New Year is celebrated by meeting with friends and family.

Many cultures celebrate the New Year in different ways. It is still one of the oldest traditions celebrated. It marks a date of cheerfulness and clean flay. For many enjoying the year, it is their chance to learn from the previous year and make positive changes in their life. We have shared the new year sad status in English below:

 New Year Sad Status In English:

  • The saddest thing about this year was losing you.
  • The New Year doesn’t cure our damage. It teaches us how to live with grief. 
  • Sadness is when you think the new year won’t change your circumstances. 
  • People will ask for something new in a year, and I wish for our old broken relationship.
  • Life is a journey that must travel like passing years.
  • It’s the last night of the year. How about not knowing tomorrow’s sun? 
  • Whenever I think of you, I increase my pain. Then, I finally smile at the end of the new year. 
  • Then the New Year, new hopes, O God, keep the windows of good news. 
  • Some lost, some won, and finally, this year passed. 
  • I have seen many New Years and thrown away old dreams. 
  • So many people are alone on this year’s last day because they built walls instead of bridges. 
  • Every year I plan to change myself. This year is intended to be me. 
  • This is to let you know how much I miss you this New Year’s Day. 
  • Happy New Year to all the lonely people out there like me. May this year be so much more comfortable than the last. 
  • We have also sworn to live this year till our last breath to fulfill our relationship. 
  • Under the pretext of the New Year, she might remember us today. 
  • The years have passed by in the blink of an eye. Moments of sadness and joy have flown. 
  • This year is also going to be a gift of memories. If we have made a mistake, please forgive us.
  • Memories may fade as the year passes, but they won’t age a day.
  • Then we are standing on the edge of a new year. What a surprise this year will reduce to ashes.      
  • Let no moment of sorrow come to anyone. May the New Year be for everyone.

Good Night Sad Status:

It hurts when you are not used to saying good night to your special someone anymore. We shared some good night and a new year sad status in English. You can also learn about the best sad status in English here.

  • I wish I had been there to hold you stiff instead of saying good night.
  • You are lucky if you have someone who wishes you a good night every night. 
  • The day is busy enough to keep me occupied but in the silence of the night. I began to miss you. 
  • It’s better to lie down and kick every worry out of bed than to fight with the pillow.
  • You caused my sleepless nights. It is because of you that I hold my pillow tightly. Because of you, I can’t go to sleep without saying goodnight to you. 
  • You are the first thought of the morning and the only reason I cry at night. 
  • I wish I could be there to grab your hand when you go to Dreamland tonight. Have a good night. 
  • They say that seeing someone in a dream means they are thinking of you. It’s time for me to find out who is thinking of me. Sweet dreams.
  • You are not with me, but I still close my eyes every night and say good night to you.
  • Whenever I think about you, the moon smiles at me. Good night, my love.
  • Every good night makes me sad because I will not be talking to you until the morning.
  • You do not have any right to come to my dreams if you left me already.
  • Thank you for ruining my life and turning my good nights into horrible ones.

Birthday Sad Status In English:

Usually, birthdays seem fantastic when you spend time with your loved ones on their special occasion, but sometimes it makes you sad when you lose the one whose Birthday you can never forget. 

  • You may have forgotten me, but I remember your Birthday.
  • On your Birthday, I wish I could wish you again.
  • Do you still have that birthday teddy bear I gifted you?
  • Throughout my lifetime, you have been the best somebody I have ever met, and on your special occasion, I want to make you feel that you are the most special person in my life.
  • Even my phone unlocks with the code of your birthday.
  • You get away with all my rights to say Happy Birthday to you, but still, in my mind, I wish you a happy birthday every year.

New Year Sad Status In English

  • We may not talk to each other, but may I wish you a happy birthday?
  • It’s the happiest day of my life because God sent you into this world on this day. Happy Birthday, my love!


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