Joker Sad Status In English

50+Attitude, Angry Joker Sad Status In English

The joker sad status in English is for one who hides his sadness and puts a smiley mask on his face, and people consider him a weak or wrong person. But, in reality, he was hurt by them and acted like he did not care. He takes revenge for his attitude, and people fear him.

In some cases, we all are jokers because we wear different masks in our daily life. We hide our grief behind our smiles and pretend to be okay. Sometimes we laugh to make people smile. So, as I mentioned, we play a little joker in our life.

We have prepared some incredible joker sad status in English, which you can share on social media and make people respect you and be aware of your true personality. Let’s have a look:

Joker Sad Status In English:

Sometimes, People feel broken but they never show how in front of people. People try to make them shattered but those people wear mask on their face like they don’t give a shit to people hate. you can also read attitude sad status in English.

Joker Sad Status In English

  • Do not trust anyone; People split their personalities at any time.
  • Life is a game-like snake at every level, and the beauty is that no one knows who will be the next snake.
  • If you don’t like my actions, do blame yourself because these are reactions to your actions.
  • I enjoy my laughter. Enjoy my smile, but be careful when I am silent.
  • A sensible way to live is to live without rules.
  • Invest your time in ideas and business, not in emotions and people.
  • Life is not a tragedy. It is just a comedy.
  • I need new haters. The previous ones are becoming my fans.
  • Never go to that place, Where you were rejected once.
  • Be like the sun for haters, shine, and burn them.
  • Silence is worse than meaningful words.
  • Hard work does not always pay. If it does, show me a rich donkey.
  •  Lovers are only a few, and villains are billions.

Best Attitude Joker Sad Status In English:

  • Be careful, and my attitude is more bitter than your ego.
  •  Kind for the kind devil for the devil. It is just a part of my attitude. I’m not evil.
  • Loneliness depresses me, but it is better than joining diplomatic crowds.
  • Mirror and I, we both are best friends. It never laughs when I cry.
  • Don’t be good to people for free. They think that you are cheap.
  • There are two kinds of people in this world, and I don’t like them.
  • I don’t dislike you. I just lost your respect and standard in my heart.
  • They treated me like an option. I left them as a choice.
  • I have grown up enough to understand the truth behind “Just kidding” and the knowledge behind “I don’t know”. The emotions behind “I don’t care” and the grief behind “it’s okay”.
  • Laugh with everyone; trust no one.
  • Achieve enough success in your life that people search you on google but not TikTok.

Killer Joker Sad Status In English:

  • Hi, haters, I’m going to kick your little ass because your dad never did.
  • Mess with me, and I’d start playing with your head.
  • Please don’t bother me to be bad because I don’t know how to be bad. I only know how to be the worst.
  • Think before showing me your attitude. If you see mine, you’ll forget yours.
  • I ignore your mistakes; It doesn’t mean I am blind. 
  • I was hoping you would not teach me how to react; first, make yourself how to respect others.
  • Misbehave with me, and you’ll regret the day you met me.
  • I am silent, and walking away doesn’t make you a winner. I am waiting for my turn and will make your life a living hell.
  • Do not chase your dreams; keep your standard higher one-day dreams will chase you.
  • Got a problem with me? Then that’s your problem, not mine!
  • Dear haters, To talk about me, raise your standard.
  • Think before walking away, and there is no coming back.
  • The one who betrays me never stays in my life.
  • Sometimes people take you wrong, and that bothers you when you stop caring about what they are thinking about you, that bothers them.
  • I don’t damn care what you think of me, and I will not change myself.
  • People will take you for granted if you are available for them every time. 
  • I will not wait for Karma to make you suffer. I will avenge with my attitude.
  • Loneliness is better than fake friends.

Joker Sad Status In English

  • I don’t wait for miracles I create some.


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