Book of Suicide Notes: A Comprehensive Guide

Book of suicide notes is a sensitive and complex topic often stigmatized and misunderstood. It is a leading cause of death globally, with approximately 800,000 people dying by suicide every year. One of the most controversial and thought-provoking literary works is the “Book of Suicide Notes.” This article aims to provide an in-depth guide to understanding the book and its impact on society.

What is the Book of Suicide Notes?

The “Book of Suicide Notes” is a collection of anonymous notes, letters, and diary entries written by individuals who have contemplated or attempted suicide. The book is an attempt to understand the psychological and emotional factors that lead to suicide and to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Who Compiled the Book?

The book was compiled by a group of psychiatrists and psychologists who collected suicide notes from patients, friends, and family members of those who had died by suicide. The notes were then organized thematically and published in book form.

Themes in the Book of Suicide Notes:

The book covers a range of themes related to suicide, including depression, anxiety, addiction, and relationship problems. The notes reveal the inner turmoil and pain experienced by individuals who felt trapped, alone, and hopeless.

Impact of the Book:

The book has significantly impacted society by bringing attention to the issue of suicide and mental health. It has been used as a resource by mental health professionals to better understand the thought processes and behaviors of individuals at risk of suicide. The book has also provided comfort and support for individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Criticisms of the Book:

The book has also faced criticisms for potentially glamorizing suicide and for violating the privacy of the individuals who wrote the notes. Some have argued that the book may be triggering for individuals at risk of suicide and may perpetuate harmful stereotypes about mental illness.

Importance of Suicide Prevention:

While the book offers valuable insights into the complex nature of suicide, it is essential to remember that suicide is preventable. It is essential to seek help if you know someone struggling with suicidal thoughts or mental health issues. Many resources include crisis hotlines, therapy, and support groups.

What is the book Suicide Notes about?

Jeff wakes up on New Year’s Day in the psychiatric ward of a hospital with bandages on his wrists. The 15-year-old protagonist is adamant that he doesn’t belong there and that this must be a mistake. In his eyes, he’s excellent and normal, unlike the other patients in the ward.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Jeff’s parents had him committed after he attempted suicide. Jeff is in denial about his mental health struggles and has kept them hidden from his family and friends. He feels ashamed and embarrassed about his actions, further exacerbating his resistance to therapy and medication.

Throughout the novel, Jeff navigates the challenges of being in the psychiatric ward, including making friends with the other patients and dealing with the stigma associated with mental illness. He learns to open up and accept the help of the therapists and doctors trying to help him.

The novel addresses essential themes related to mental health, including the importance of seeking help and destigmatizing mental illness. It highlights the challenges faced by adolescents struggling with negative thoughts and the importance of support from family, friends, and medical professionals.

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How many pages is Suicide Notes?

The book “Suicide Notes” by Michael Thomas Ford has 320 pages. The novel, first published in 2008, tells the story of fifteen-year-old Jeff, who wakes up in a psychiatric ward after attempting suicide. The book is written in a diary format, chronicling Jeff’s experiences in the ward as he navigates his mental health struggles, relationships with other patients, and the challenges of therapy and medication.

What reading level is Suicide Notes?

“Suicide Notes” by Michael Thomas Ford is classified as a young adult novel and is generally recommended for readers aged 14 and up. Regarding the reading level, it is considered to be at an intermediate level, with a Lexile score of 730L.

While the novel’s subject matter is heavy and deals with themes of mental illness and suicide, the writing style is straightforward and accessible. The novel written in a diary format and uses a conversational tone relatable to many young adults. It is also interspersed with humor, which helps lighten the mood and balance the serious subject matter.

Despite its reading level and accessibility, “Suicide Notes” is a thought-provoking and emotionally boosted novel that deals with important issues related to mental health.

suicide notes the book.

suicide notes book.

What are some quotes from the book Suicide Notes?

“Book of Suicide Notes” is a powerful and emotional novel that deals with the heavy subject matter of mental illness. Here are some lines from the book that capture the raw emotions and struggles of the protagonist, Jeff:

  • “I’m not depressed. I’m just sad.”
  • “Maybe I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to stop hurting.”
  • “It’s funny how much we can hide from the people we’re closest to.”
  • “Depression isn’t a war you win. It’s a battle you fight every day. You never stop, never get to rest.”
  • I’ve learned that things change, people change, and it doesn’t mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means that you move on and treasure the memories.”
  • “The people who judge us most harshly are usually the ones who know us the least.”
  • “The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they’ll miss or forget you.”

These quotes from “Suicide Notes” offer a glimpse into the complex emotions and experiences of the protagonist, Jeff, as he navigates his mental health struggles and the challenges of being in a psychiatric ward. They highlight the importance of seeking help, the difficulty of facing one’s own struggles, and the importance of connection and support in overcoming mental illness.


The “Book of Suicide Notes” is a important work that has helped to shed light on the suicide. By understanding the factors contributing to suicide, we can work towards prevention and support for those in need. Its our responsibility to break the stigma surrounding mental health and to offer hope and help people with suicidal thoughts. The book suicide notes offers a unique perspective on suicide and the mental health issues that contribute to it.

While the book faced criticism, it has also had a positive impact by raising awareness and understanding of the issue. We must continue the conversation and work towards a world where suicide is no longer a leading cause of death.

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