Very sad status in English

Latest, Most, New, Very Sad Status In English-2022

Very sad status in English for those whose sadness eats them inside, slowly and steadily. But they never complain to anyone. So, with a very sad status in English 2022, they can share their feelings with people on social media platforms.

Very Sad Status In English:

Very sad status in English

  • Yes, I am sad because no one does care.
  • Sadness is when you try to hide your tears behind a smile.
  • That’s my issue: I expect too much, and I detect too severely. 
  • The saddest moment is when no one knows you are sad. 
  • Life is just as hard for those whose hearts are soft. 
  • A man dies only when there is no one to remember.
  • I want to get into that world where no one can ask me, “Why are you sad?”
  • Sometimes I want to disappear to see who cares about me.
  • Not every smile indicates happiness; some smiles are meant to hide sadness.
  • It is terrible how people become what they had ensured they never would.
  • I will never come into your thoughts if you are relaxed without me. 
  • Not every smile is original; not every tear is solid. 

Short Sad Status In English:

In this busy era, people do not have much time for themselves, so it will be hectic to find the sad status of their choices. So we have shared all types of very sad status In English and you can read some short sad status in English below. You can also read the two line sad status in English here.

  • Being neglected is the worst emotion.
  • So many emotions go unsaid.
  • Centuries will pass in the pursuit of moments.
  • Sincere people wait, not rebel. 
  • The heart is tired of everything. 
  • There is only infinite sadness after unconditional love. 
  • Sadness hurts, but it’s a joyful feeling.
  • Melancholy is the pleasure of being upset. 
  • Sometimes, smiling to hide your sadness hurts like hell.
  • Stay calm like a deep ocean.
  • At last, I am alone again.
  • Some people are meant to be alone.
  • Often we feel sad but don’t know why.
  • The hollowness of your soul hunts you at night.
  • I am sad I wasted my true feelings on temporary ones.
  • One day you will remember me, but I will be nowhere.
  • feeling sad without any reason.
  • Sadness follows me.
  • I was destined to be sad.

New, Very Sad Status In English:

Searching for a new sad status in English could be a difficult task, You have to explore many sad statuses, quotations, and saying websites for sad status in English but in vain. So, we have selected a vast collection of new and very sad status in English. 

  • Just a few months ago, life was different.
  • Tell me what it feels like to love someone who doesn’t love you back.
  • Time teaches you many lessons, but I learned it’s good to stay alone instead of hurting someone.
  • I was a humble and nice person until I met you.
  • I want to forget you, but your memories haunt me.
  • I do not expect anything from anyone anymore.
  • Everyone is the same, but the way they bite is different.
  • Lovers seek refuge. People are so unfaithful nowadays. 
  • Well, so sad. I imagine that unfaithful person.

Most Sad Status: 

Most sad status in English is also a category of very sad status in English we have shared some saddest statuses in English you will never find anywhere else.

  • After disturbing your memories, I left myself incomplete.
  • Those who neglected us, because we were available for them.
  • I know that would happen; I know you will leave me alone.
  • Silence is not unreasonable, and some pains take away your voice.
  • I pray that no one shatters dreams like broken ones.
  • The ones who cry in silence die without the death.
  • Those things ate me away; on those, I kept patience.
  • What did you say? Are you in love? May your soul rest in peace.
  • Did you know what the pain is? To love someone, then be abandoned by that person and try to forget that one.
  • It is tough to love someone and stay silent.
  • Sometimes you want that person to fall for you too.
  • It is hard to ignore the one who forgot you years ago.

Latest Sad Status:

Another category is the latest very sad status in English, which you can read below: 

  • I desire I could neglect you as you did.
  • I hide all my inner feelings with a fake smile. 
  • You will remember me one day, but I will not be available.
  • I didn’t think about thinking about you this much.
  • It is prefer to stay alone rather than have disloyal friends.
  • Her behavior eats me away.
  • I keep my feelings to myself because it will be difficult for others to understand.
  • When sadness increased, I smiled silently.
  • She belongs to me, but she wasn’t mine.
  • You left me, but I still pray for your happiness.
  • We will be silent this much; you will scream too much.
  • I have not changed, but I understand the world very well.
  • I swear that a bad time is good when you see the true faces of people.

Very sad status in English

  • Nowadays, people are less faithful and more prone to acting.

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