Sad Status In English With Emoji:

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Use emoji sad status in English as it is a social and digital era, people love to post their emotions, feelings, and situations on social media platforms. So, we have prepared an emoji sad status in English. you willΒ love to share sad status in the English language with unique and suitable emoticons as your situation.

So, we have chosen vast collections ofΒ sad status in English with emoji. You no longer need to add emojis separately to copied statuses; instead, you can now copy and paste sad statuses in English with emojis that you won’t find anywhere else.

Sad Status In English With Emoji:

Sad Status In English With Emoji:

  • The saddest moment in the world is when you love someone who is not even aware of your feelings. 😒
  • My heart cries out for your fake promises, that you never fulfilled πŸ’”.
  • I always wonder if that was too easy for you to leave me alone. 😭
  • If someone tells you that he or she will die without you, never dismiss their words, because some people die on the inside.
  • I hate it when I try to hate you. My heart starts to take your side 😞
  • I wish I could go back to that time when you were mine! πŸ’”
  • I want you like the blood in my veins, like the beat in my heart. 😭
  • It’s heartbreaking to see your loved one with another person.
  • I promise, one day you will regret losing me, but I will not come back. 😿
  • Whenever I want to say I am okay, sudden tears appear in my eyes. 😒
  • Sometimes, a new wound can make old wounds bleed again. 😐
  • I can’t forget those eyes, which are strangers to me now. 😒😭😭
  • The day when I asked you to not leave me alone, you laughed and said to me, “I am worrying for no reason.” You assured me you would never leave me, and now when you are nowhere, I cry out loudly on these lies daily. 😭

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Emoji Sad Status In English:

Sad Status In English With Emoji:

  • How can you be so peaceful after destroying my peace? πŸ’”
  • It is okay if you are not with me, Your memories will always stay πŸ’”.
  • If miracles happen in the world, then why did you not become mine? πŸ’”
  • I know you hate me, but I will always love you till my last breath. 😐
  • I felt no regrets about loving you, I regret wasting my true feelings on the wrong person. 😧
  • Seeing you happy with someone else makes me sad, shakes my soul badly, and breaks my heart silently. πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜•
  • Did you know what the most painful thing is? When you are sad, but you say, “I am feeling okay.” 😞
  • Why was it so easy for you to abandon me, and why is it so difficult for me to forget you? πŸ’”
  • The saddest part on earth is looking at your friends becoming strangers again. πŸ˜“
  • Why was my emptiness never noticed by you? Why are you becoming so cruel all of a sudden? 😟😒
  • Thinking about you every day is an unnecessary thing I do regularly. πŸ˜’
  • Why are you so unaware of my condition? Why am I so restless in your memories? πŸ’”


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