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The sad status in English copy is full of sorrow. No one has a life full of happiness and satisfaction. Sooner or later, all of us are destined to face hardships. Some people show courage to pass through their weak moments with a brave heart, but some lose their hopes and get shaky.

Don’t lie down yourself !! Don’t shed tears for selfless people. Take the encouragement in words. Words can heal your injured soul. Yes! These powerful words can soothe you and express your deep-hearted feelings with dignity and decorum. 

In this article on Sad Status in English copy, you’ll come across many meaningful and new year sad status in English that you can quote to express your feelings and emotions sincerely. Go and find one that fits you.

 Sad Status In English Copy:

 Sad Status In English Copy

  • Yes, I’ve changed because I’ve been through a lot.
  • The loudest cry is one of silence.
  • Only in burying my emotions, I am good!!
  • Why is life pushing me to learn lessons I don’t want to know?
  • The most dreadful pain in the world is when you cannot love someone else because the person who has broken your heart still has a piece of it.
  • Crying is what your eyes say when your lips never explain how crushed your heart is.
  • I know a lot, but I don’t have many friends.
  • Sometimes silence is better than speech; it doesn’t hurt.
  • Sadness doesn’t leave, but people do.
  • You didn’t hear a thousand words I tried to say in my silence.
  • The thing that hurts is not seeing people change. What hurts is recalling who they were.
  • Tears contain words you can’t see.
  • I tried to forget about you, but the more I tried, the more I remembered you.
  • The darkest period of my life was when I left, and you let me go. 
  • I’m sick of crying, tired of trying; even though I’m laughing, I’m dying inside.
  • When someone wants to go away, let them go. Your fate is never bound to anybody who has left.
  • On the ladder of love, the higher you go, the deeper you fall.
  • Don’t trust too much, don’t love too much, and don’t hope too much. Because that too much can hurt you in the same way so much!

Sad Status in English Share Chat:

Do you still feel gloomy? Do you want to share your sad feelings decent and well-explained way?

Yes, we understand that those moments of grief and sorrow pass slower than moments of joy and leave strong traces in one’s soul and memory. It is difficult to get rid of the bad times. Don’t feel lonely. You can share the depressed feelings to lessen the grief.

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  • Oh, life! I beg you not always to make me cry. I don’t have anyone who can make me stop crying.
  • I have everyone, even though I am alone, because everyone is not my only one.
  • The worst situation is when you neither want to leave nor stay and are stuck in between.
  • Every day in life is like a new chapter in a book. After a depressing page, a joyous one would follow. So chill and turn the pages. 
  • Death is a horrible conclusion, yet life is a beautiful lie.
  • You listen to music when you are joyful. When you’re depressed, you can relate to the lyrics.
  • Every trial serves as a teacher, and every lesson molds the learner.
  • Never let anything in life make you feel sad. A new leaf is always ready to replace one fallen off a tree.
  • I only wish I could “delete” the space between us.

Sad Status In English And HIndi:

In this section, you will read sad status in English and Hindi. Now you don’t have to explore two different sites to find statuses in different languages we have shared some sad status in English copy and Hindi. 

Sad Status In English Copy

  • Dear problems! Please give me some discounts; I am your regular customer. 

           प्रिय समस्याएं! कृपया मुझे कुछ छूट दें; मैं आपका नियमित ग्राहक हूं।

  • You don’t know this new me; I have put back my broken pieces differently.

           तुम मुझे यह नया नहीं जानते; मैंने अपने टूटे हुए टुकड़ों को अलग तरह से वापस रख दिया है।

  • Pain changes people, which causes them to lose faith in others, overthink, and isolate themselves.

         दर्द लोगों को बदल देता है, जिसके कारण उनका दूसरों पर से विश्वास उठ जाता है, वे अधिक सोचने        लगते हैं और खुद को अलग कर लेते हैं।

  • The broken heart doesn’t heal with time. Time merely helps the heart forget all of the sufferings.

          टूटा हुआ दिल समय के साथ नहीं भरता। समय केवल हृदय को सभी कष्टों को भूलने में मदद करता है।

  • Everyone seeks happiness. A little rain is necessary to create a rainbow, though.

            हर कोई सुख चाहता है। हालांकि इंद्रधनुष बनाने के लिए थोड़ी बारिश जरूरी है।

  • The truth is that they come to you when you are not ready and leave when you need them most.

          सच तो यह है कि वे आपके पास तब आते हैं जब आप तैयार नहीं होते हैं और जब आपको उनकी सबसे ज्यादा जरूरत होती है तो चले जाते हैं।

Sad Status In Hindi:

  • People might quickly leave us, yet they always leave their memories behind.

           लोग हमें जल्दी से छोड़ सकते हैं, फिर भी वे हमेशा अपनी यादों को पीछे छोड़ जाते हैं।

  • People choose to play with “feelings” instead of any other toys in the world!

           लोग दुनिया में किसी भी अन्य खिलौनों के बजाय “भावनाओं” के साथ खेलना पसंद करते हैं!

  • Every heart feels pain; the style of expression varies. The smart bury it in their smile, while fools show it in their eyes.

          हर दिल को दर्द होता है; अभिव्यक्ति की शैली बदलती रहती है। होशियार इसे अपनी मुस्कान में दबा लेते हैं, जबकि मूर्ख इसे अपनी आंखों में दिखाते हैं

  • Nothing about boredom, rage, sadness, or fear is “yours” or personal. These are all emotions. They move in and out. Nothing that comes and leaves is you.

         ऊब, क्रोध, उदासी या भय के बारे में कुछ भी “आपका” या व्यक्तिगत नहीं है। ये सब भावनाएँ हैं। वे अंदर और बाहर चलते हैं। कुछ भी नहीं जो आता और जाता है तुम हो।

Sad Status In English Copy

  • Don’t scream. Whatever you lose, you get it back in a new and different way.

           चिल्लाओ मत। आप जो कुछ भी खोते हैं, आप उसे एक नए और अलग तरीके से वापस पाते हैं

These beautiful words allow you to express your feelings to your friends and loved ones. You can also check the Sad Status in English and Hindi for more collections. You can visit other posts for the latest status and tell us how much you liked the article. And what new can be added to this blog?


Sadness never leaves you alone. It is your best companion. We have tried to collect the best possible sad status in English copy. Our readers do not have to go to, open, and find multiple websites like sharechat searching for the best status and quotes.

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