Sad Love Status In English For Girlfriend Download

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Sad Love Status In English For Girlfriend Download:

Sad Love Status In English For Girlfriend Download

  • Do not let anyone have a special place in your heart. It is simple to surrender that position, but it is far more painful when people are unaware of its worth.
  • When you spend so much time with someone, they just become part of you. And when they ignore or abandon you, you’re not sure who you are without them.
  • Some days are simply terrible, that’s all. You have to feel grief to understand pleasure, and I convince myself that not every day will be a nice day; that’s the fact it is!
  • I wish I couldn’t ever hear you talk about how much you love me. Because it now scares me when I’m alone.
  • I’ll be done with you as soon as the eternal soul is done.
  • Everyone will hurt you; you have to find the ones worthy of enduring.
  • I don’t feel you realize what you’re doing to me.
  • The feeling of loneliness is better than the feeling of gathering.
  • I really miss you. It’s so horrible that I’m holding my breath, wondering when I’ll be able to hold you again when our hearts will beat against one other again.
  • I miss how we used to talk to each other every day and never tired of talking.
  • How was it easy for you to forget everything between us.
  • I was stupid to love you, adore you for all my heart.
  • Now I understand our relationship was a game for you.
  • I am going to sit here and watch Karma screw you up.
  • It is good to hide your true feelings, and people will never understand and never stop laughing at you.
  • I wish I haven’t met you so I couldn’t be heartbroken like this.
  • Whenever I gig to text you, I remind myself how cruelly you told me you have no time for me.
  • How pathetic I am still trying to escape from your memories.
  • You know, time heals every wound, but your grief has stuck within my soul.
  • I want to disappear from this world and go back to when you were all mine.
  • Why can’t you see my condition? I was all broken and alone, and you did the same with me.
  • I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about whom you will ditch now? 

Girlfriend Marriage Sad Status:

In this section, you will read Gf marriage and sad love status in English for girlfriend download. 

  • It hurts to see you with someone else.
  • I am feeling numb to seeing you hold someone else’s hand.
  • We discussed our marriage a thousand times; how could you be with someone else?
  • I always imagined you as my life partner, but what is this happening? You become someone else’s better half.
  • Time cheated, and we separated.
  • I wanted to prove to myself that I was worthy of you, but you didn’t wait and move on.
  • You are getting married, and all I can do is pray for your happiness.
  • I loved you all my heart and soul, but we couldn’t become soul mates.
  • On this day, I will pray that you will stay loyal to your soul mate.

Gf Sad Status:

You will find gf sad status and sad love status in English for girlfriend download, or you can also find best sad status in English.

  • I’m not a perfect person, and I know I make awful mistakes, but I know I sincerely love you. My heart really craves you, it’s difficult to replace you, and my heart won’t accept anybody else; I would do everything for you, all of it, so don’t leave me, love! It’s slowly killing me.
  • Why have you shown me so much care, darling? It causes everlasting grief when you begin to ignore me; I feel so horrible here and am unable to accomplish my day-to-day tasks; please try to realize that I am nothing without you.
  • When you’re in love, and you’re hurt, it’s like a cut, It will recover, but there will always be a mark left deep inside.
  • I want to forget you, but your smile comes to my mind and all in vain.

Sad Love Status In English For Girlfriend Download


  • Deep inside, I knew you would betray me, but I kept on loving you because I couldn’t help loving you.
  • I recall your name a hundred times, and I recall I love you all day.

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