Evırı: What You Should Know In 2023

Everybody looks crazy to unfold this term named Evırı. That is why we are here to explore this speculative term of Evırı. This is a source of your calm and satisfaction while making you reconnect with it. It includes the basic principles, including technology, nature, and engaging with your senses.

What Is Evırı?

When we look at these speculative terms of Evırı, we term it as Turkey’s cultural and ancient dance, which has its importance. This dance comes into play in the events and rituals of Turkey, along with colorful costumes and rhythmic footwork.

The origin place was Central Anatolia, and the time was the 14th century. This dance exhibits that women and men mix and dance in a circle. The specific steps of this dance are kicks, skips, and hops. In the presence of the music, the dance gains more zeal and energy.

The women’s dress comprised long skirts along with embroidered waistcoats. The men’s dress includes loose trousers and freezes on their heads. The scheme and combination of colors, dresses, and the touch and glare of the music give us a touch of old, ancient Turkish tradition.

Background and Origins 

One thing is clear: Evırı has ancient rich and cultural roots, which takes us to the compilation of more than 500 years as it was first planted in Central Anatolia.

Origin of Evırı

Evırı originated back in the 15th century. The nomadic Turkic tribes used the meat on the flatbread along with onions and left it on the open fire for cooking.

As the Ottoman Empire spread its roots far and wide, Eviri also covered a huge area of regional lines. That was when people or the locals came up with local production with ingredients in place like beef, mint, parsley, and certain other vegetables for the sake of taste.

Modern-day Evırı

Evırı is just like a staple regarding culture and Turkey’s Cuisine. But we find the same ingredients as meat, onions, and flatbread. Evırı has several varieties to amuse you, with different kinds of garnishing with a specific amount of yogurt, chili, and pepper.

Almost every member equally enjoys the Evırı from school going to homemaker as a delicious food or meal. The trip to Turkey will take you to the ancient era of 500 years of history.

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How Evırı is Prepared


When we have a go at the flatbread, we find it more chewy and irresistible.


  • Flour
  • Warm water
  • Salt 
  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable oil

To prepare Evırı:

  1. Mix warm water, sugar, and yeast in a bowl, and wait until the moment it shapes up like foam. This requires an average of five minutes.
  2. Mix salt and flour in one bowl to make dough. Mix it till the time it makes into the shaggy dough.
  3. Place this shaggy dough in the oiled bowl in your hand. Now, cover it with a towel for almost one hour or so.
  4. At the end of the hour, pour this dough into an oval-shaped bowl where it will gain a thick shape of volume ¼.
  5. Go with a pan in which you have poured oil already. Now place a flatbread in it until it turns brown, which is almost a time of 2 minutes.
  6. Now, take flatbread in your hand and start flipping, oiling, and brushing it. It will take a brownish look itself within a time period of 1 to 2 minutes.
  7. Now separate it and fold it in a foil before serving. Now you will see your warm dish is ready to eat.

To garnish, add fresh and dry seeds, herbs, and cheese before cooking.

Benefits of Consuming Evırı

We are aware of this fact regarding the term that it is considered a processed ancient milk product having several advantages regarding nutrition.

Protein Powerhouse

Excessive Proteins matter a lot to the body. Preparing milk thoroughly makes it easier to negotiate through our digestive system. We can experience quantity in a balanced position, but the presence of proteins will make your quest for food, which puts our muscles in good condition.


Certain probiotics engulf a specific amount of beneficial bacteria in the Evırı, ensuring your better gut health and conditions. But it is only possible when you intake an Evırı as a routine dose. This will not only mitigate the chance of cramps and constipation in your body but also provide extra immunity to the body.

Bone Builder

When we talk about the strength of our bones, we find Evırı in front of us with Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorus, and magnesium in a calculated amount. At the age of over forty, Evırı comes to rescue us from osteoporosis.

Heart Helper

Whenever we talk about the Evırı, we find something new. Evırı contains a vast amount of compounds like CLA, and the second one is Linoleic acid, which controls the damage, mitigating the danger regarding the disease of the heart. For instance, we can understand it as an example of high blood pressure and high cholesterol pressure. It also has a matured and balanced amount of potassium, which makes your blood pressure normal. We can easily manage our diet plan by taking balanced nutritional advantages related to Evırı. Evırı is also suitable for bone and the heart’s health as it also has a normal quantity of minerals, protein, and probiotics in place.

Where to Find and Get Evırı

You must visit a nearby grocery store or a unique food store if you require Evırı. It is a must item in the stores where it is placed in the international wracks. To go locally, you have your options open before you. 

Online retailers

Keeping in mind the area of the U.S. and Canada, some departmental stores are going online only for shipping and purchasing purposes. You can visit some of the closest shops or grocery stores to get going with your purchase. The main ones are The Turkish Shop and The Turkish Food Store. We are coming up with a rough estimate of $8 to $15 to buy a 16-ounce Jar.

Direct from Turkey

We recommend you capture the prey of Eviri with a strong strategy. Therefore, you can reach out to sellers dealing with overseas shipping matters. When searching for Evırı, we confront some sites, particularly Yayla and Pakmeez, which have an organic source from villages. Look, if you want an option instead of shipping, it will hurt you big time regarding the prices. So, neglect the situation, place your order in bulk, and make your friends and family a part share of it. Evırı touches differently regarding the taste compared to some other commercially prepared brands, which gives a unique touch of regional variation, mainly in grapes and the productivity process, especially in this part of Turkey.

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We have tried to knock each and everything regarding Evırı. This article allows you to go and connect with the cultural roots in depth or make a full go at the Turkish Cuisine. This area engulfs everything, including fragrances and colors, which are touch awesome for our senses. It can connect your feelings from the busyness of the market to the calm moments regarding Sufism. Turkish cuisine has something for each individual hidden in it. We are waiting for the return of Evırı in the coming years with a great purpose of generosity in mind.

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