Heart touching sad status in English

100+ Best Quotes, Heart Touching Sad Status In English

Heart touching sad status in English is for those who value their relationship and want to convey a message to their beloved one who does not care about them. Nowadays, relationships seem like a game or fun. People meet, like, and know each other and then move on to find someone else. 

They do not value their relationships. But not every time happens, some people know to keep their relationship with all their heart. They do apologize frequently. Some people think if someone says sorry, he is weak, but not like that; he says sorry because he does care about the damn relationship.

Thus, heart touching sad status in English will make their partner realize what wrong they did to them.

Heart Touching Sad Status In English:

Some people consider relationship as a game play and move on. But some people cannot move on and felt lost until they heal up. so these heart touching sad status in English will let them split their sad feelings out. You can also read about death sad status in English

Heart touching sad status in English

  • Thanks to you, my heart has been taken by you, broken by you, and split into pieces by you.
  • I love you; you don’t love me; it’s OK; I’ll be OK. I am missing you , but you don’t miss me, which is good; I’ll be all right. My thoughts were on you, while yours were on someone else, but that’s all right; I’ll be fine. I’ll work through it; even if it hurts now, I’m confident that it will get better.
  • You did something to me, I’m not sure what it was, but I don’t want to lose you. You constantly make me smile, and I can behave like myself since you accept me. You mean a lot to me, and how you make me feel is indescribable. You make it simple to fall in love with you; trust me, I’m falling deeper with each passing day.
  • My angel, I’ve fallen in love with you. I wanted nothing more than to see that sparkling smile of yours again. I wish you nothing more than the hope that you will one day love me as much as I love you. I have no regrets since the only time I have spent with you is in the form of memories, and memories are not supposed to be forgotten.

Top Heart Touching Sad Status In English:

  • I have no idea what hurts the most? That I Missing you or you aren’t missing me.
  • I’ve told it clear how I feel about you. All of my emotions were real. I intend to uphold every commitment I make. It’s now up to you. Whatever you choose, I’ll always be there for you.
  • Composing is something I can no longer do. Pretend that everything is OK. Act as though there is nothing to dislike. Wipe every tear away. Act as though everything is OK. Act as though nothing is wrong with today.
  • Someone once informed me that there is such a thing as magic. Then I saw you smiling and I understood you’re the only magical thing on the planet capable of transforming this world into paradise.
  • I swear to be there for you whenever you need me, to grab you close when you’re lonely, to remove your tears when they drop, and to keep you for your entire life.
  • I know you can enjoy your life without me and be happy and prosper without me. Even if you reject me, I will decide to stay with you and be your kindest stranger for the rest of my life.

Best Heart Touching Sad Status In English:

  •  Promise me you won’t weep when I say goodbye. Because the day I say it will be the day I die.
  • I’m not sure why I continue to love you despite knowing I will get hurt again. I never learn because I don’t want to. Not now, I’m still young enough to fall in love with you again and again.
  • “We” isn’t going to be the same as it used to be. And that’s what’s killing me.
  • Relationships cannot exist without communication. Love cannot live without respect. There is no point in continuing if there is no trust.
  • The most painful love is the love that is not shown. A love that cannot be spoken of, an attachment that remains unspoken. And the most terrible part of unspoken love is that it never fades away.
  • I’m sorry I had to let you go, but I couldn’t keep you any longer. It hurts me to letting you go, but it hurts me much more to realize that you don’t care about me. You meant everything to me, yet I guess I’m just another buddy to you. The longer I hang on, the more I will suffer. Someday I’ll look back and be sorry, and I’ll wish I had tried more, but the sad reality is that in the end, the one who suffers isn’t you but me.

Heart Touching Sad Status In English

  • Please trust me when I say I love you. When I say forever, you can be sure I’ll never leave you.


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