Breakup Sad Status In English

Broken Heart Alone After Breakup Sad Status In English

Share the breakup sad status in English whenever you feel broken-hearted and alone after a breakup. Because you spent beautiful time with your loved ones and expected them to always be by your side in your hard times, no one stays with you for all your life, and it’s a bitter reality, so we have provided a breakup status in English.

That’s why after the breakup, you feel like a broken heart and all alone. So, sharing your breakup sad status in English will make others aware of your condition, sadness or relationship status. 

Furthermore, you can make your loved one realize that they wronged you after breaking up with you by sharing our broken heart alone sad status in English. 

Breakup Sad Status In English:

After the breakup, you can’t get them out of your mind, and you start crying and feeling miserable. But, you can still keep calm and think about some positive things. If you want to express your feelings on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, you can use our sad breakup status in English. You may also like sad status in English with emoji

Breakup Sad Status In English

  • I don’t want to think about you, but these old memories of yours can’t let me do so.
  • Once, you promised me never to leave me alone. Now I smile at this lie often.
  • You broke up with me and never returned, but why does this heart still beat for you?
  • I’ve got some problems with my heart, and I can’t decide whether to love or hate you.
  • It’s challenging to share your feelings with someone because you are scared of losing your relationship or breaking up.
  • Wanting you is like burning oil lamps into the storms.
  • It hurts when you pretend like you do not care about the breakup.
  • Often I mentioned this fear of losing you. You removed this fear by leaving me alone.
  • Why did you come into my life? If you have to go me in the end.

Broken Heart Alone Status:

In sad moments or loneliness, you always think about the beautiful moments you spent with your loved one, who is nowhere in your life. You feel very alone, with a broken heart from the inside, and you cannot speak to anyone. In these moments, you can choose a suitable sad status about life in English from our massive list of broken heart alone sad status in English; you can read below:

  • Why did you come into my life? If you have to break my heart in the end.
  • One day, you will understand my pain when someone else breaks your heart.
  • One-sided love can break your heart into pieces.
  • Sometimes, it takes years to get yourself together again after breaking your heart.
  • It’s heart-breaking when you get to know that the one you love doesn’t care for you.
  • A broken thing can be fix, but a broken heart cannot.
  • It is the most heartbreaking situation when you love someone who doesn’t know about your feelings.
  • The heart is like glass; like glass, the broken heart also cannot fix again.
  • It’s funny that you broke my heart first, and now you want me to be fine as before. 

Sad Status After Breakup in English: 

Breakup Sad Status In English

  • The one who has to keep up with the relationship can ignore all your flaws, and the other can leave you with only one mistake.
  • A breakup hurts the most when you don’t know your mistake.
  • In love, leaving someone alone can never be forgiven, neither in this world nor in another.
  • Sometimes, breaking up is better than staying in a hurting relationship.
  • Did you know what you did to me? You did not break my heart–but you broke me up by breaking up with me.
  • Tears appear in my eyes when I think about the old days when we were together.
  • It’s fine if you’re happy breaking up with me, no matter if I miss you badly.
  • If you cry, if you die, no one will care.
  • If I say I will not talk to you again, I do not mean it. That shows how much I get hurt by your words.
  • I cannot stop loving you, no matter if you love me back or not.
  • It is OK if you are happy after the breakup. I will ignore my pain and be satisfied with your decision.


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