Attitude Sad Status In English

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Attitude sad status in English for those who get hurt or broken gives them more strength to fight people’s attitudes. Sometimes, you keep silent on people’s actions and wait for your turn to show your worst side.

which makes them feel guilty or realize where they wronged you. For this purpose, we have arranged a huge collection of attitude sad status in English that you will never find anywhere else. Let’s have a look:

Attitude Sad Status In English

  • Who is loyal or not? Time reveals everything.
  • It is my life, my rules, and I don’t want your opinion on how to spend it.
  • I want to break their arrogance and be proud of their height.
  • Do not urge me to show my worst side. I swear you will regret it later.
  • Life is so cruel to handle, Only a positive attitude can win it.
  • I feel sad for those who really think I do care about their actions.
  • You hurt me first and now ask for my mercy.
  • I am not blind, I have eyes on everyone’s attitude.
  • You showed me you are bad, but wait, let me show you I am the worst.
  • I am silent, but I do not forget to avenge what people did to me.
  • Some people just don’t deserve your friendship.
  • Once who were your friends are now not even able to be your enemies.
  • I walk alone but not behind anyone.
  • You talk about love. I hate you so much.
  • In whose eyes we are not good, we can donate their eyes.
  • This day will change lives. I’m like a deck of cards. The day I walk
  • My style sees the world, and everyone is jealous of my attitude.
  • Do not argue with me; I will always answer the opposite.
  • When I was silent, I was good. When I started speaking, I was considered bad.
  • Now we have no one. Now we are not for anyone.
  • I am different but not wrong.
  • Don’t consider our dignity our weakness. Otherwise, our wars will be remembered by your descendants.
  • I am a defeat that not everyone can accept.
  • Oh no, I’m not proud. Just self-esteem and ego are very dear.
  • You have to be fine, sir. Otherwise, if we go bad, it will be a spectacle.

Angry Sad Status In English:

Sometimes you get hurt too much, which gets you exploited in anger. When someone asks you to calm down, you get angrier than before. So, before hurting someone with your anger, you can easily convey your message by using our angry sad status in English and attitude sad status in English. You will like two line sad status in English here.

Attitude Sad Status In English

  • The person who controls his anger gets saved from others’ anger.
  • Trust me, there is no helplessness. People do not show loyalty on purpose.
  • It’s strange drama to make them feel guilty. You have to turn your feelings off.
  • Do not make me understand. It will make no difference to me.
  • If you did disloyalty, you are not my friend anymore.
  • Who will shatter the head of my confiscation? Your oppression is not yet at this level.
  • You are angry and I will be sorry. Oh, you can go to hell.
  • Self-esteem that hurts The sun is better than such shades.
  • The timing is bad right now. So I am quiet. Everyone will be held accountable when my brain gets out.
  • Don’t talk about standards. I came to make you cry.
  • Anyone who gets angry can leave too.
  • I hate it when people discuss love and they know nothing about how to act.
  • If someone says he knows you, but he is wrong, then no one knows you better than you.
  • I am not obsessed with someone’s personality; I respect those who respect me back.

Sad Attitude Status In English For Boys:

A boy’s positive attitude can win the world, so, whatever happens, you should not let your guards down. People like those who know how to live their life with a sturdy attitude. However, we have provided vast collections of sad attitude status in English for boys. You may also like joker sad status in English.

  • Do whatever your heart says.
  • I do not listen to people; I believe what I experience.
  • If I consider you bad, then you are bad. Your explanations will make no difference to me. 
  • People wanted to defame me. They made me famous instead.
  • Build character and quality of life. Don’t trade life for the environment.
  • I was on the rise yesterday and I am on the rise today, No one can put me down.

Sad Love Attitude Status In English:

Loving someone and not obtaining a reliable or proper answer from your loved ones could create unimaginable agony. The condition makes life incredibly desperate and depressing. So, you can use the sad love attitude status in English on social media platforms to share your message with your loved ones.

  • It is painful when you love someone and he does not care.
  • I am alone but not wrong.
  • I may look like an arrogant person, but in reality I am sad AF.
  • The most difficult part is letting a beloved one go.
  • No one cares about me. Here I am trying hard to make everyone happy.
  • My attitude is that I will keep silent and move on.
  • When people reveal their dark side, I still accept them.
  • One day you will understand my situation and want to come back into my life, but I will not hear you.
  • Whenever someone hurts you, you will remember me, and search for me.
  • My mistake was only that I adored you more than myself.
  • I adored you more than anything else.
  • The consolation word in its place, but who has pain is his pain?
  • I am fine but a little bit sad.
  • Smile, love someone, and get broken.
  • A true person has to prove their innocence more than a liar.
  • Forgiveness is for mistakes, not betrayal.
  • Love me or hate me, but do not try to change me.

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